Monday, August 19, 2013

A few more photos of my room!

I am almost ready!!!  I have meetings for 3 days next week, so I only have 2 more days to work in my room this week before they close off my hallway to wax the floor.  I have hung up a few more things in my room  that I want to show everyone! 

 This is the schedule I got last year and my new rules from, oh no, I can't find who they were from!!!! :(  If you recognize these, PLEASE let me know so I can give you credit!!

 I found this idea on Pinterest last year.  People were using frames from the Dollar Store to write their Objectives on.  Instead of objectives, I put these by my door and write notes on them!  (When my next Data Meeting is, who wears glasses-so they remember to take them home!!, etc)

This is my bulletin board for the beginning of the year!  I found these from Karen Wasdin.  I am going to put a coloring paper they do on the first day next to each crayon :)

I FINALLY figured out a place to put up A Year of Writing!!!  I am sooooo excited about this wall!  Now, I just have to figure out how to attach all the writing without using tacks.  I will destroy the wall if I put tacks on each one and have to pull them out every month.  Any ideas, Anyone???  Maybe small bull clips? 

I am going to try to enjoy my last weekend before school starts!  I hope everyone else's year is starting off great!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Polka Dot Kinders BOGO Sale and 400 Fabulous Followers Giveaway!!

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YEAH!!!!! It looks like a classroom!!!

I was getting nervous last week that I would never see the end of the tunnel.  After working in my classroom for 9 HOURS yesterday, my room finally looks like kids could enter and actually learn something ;)

 I have a rug area with no junk on it!!!  Let's just hope 20 students fit in the space I have provided for them :)  Next I need to fill my library shelves (on the left) with all the books I just organized in my closets!

 So how long do you think this shelf will stay like this???  I give it 10 minutes on the first day!  I still need to make paper labels for every shape so the children know where to put them back when they are finished with them.

 This is one side of the large cart every classroom has in my school.  I had a ton of ABC center things, so I tried to get them all together on this side.  Just need Labels, labels, labels!!!

 This is only 2 of the 5 sets of shelves I have above the sink area.  Everything is finally in boxes!  And again, all I need is labels, labels, labels!!  There are definitely cuter labels than these old ones I put on years ago :)

Supplies, anyone???  I have enough Scotch Tape, pins/tacks, brads, pencils, glue sticks, chalk, etc to last me for the next 5 years!!!  This was all left for me...I love that teachers are hoarders!

 I have 3 closets like this.  As you can see, they droop a little and it is only a matter of time before they all start falling off the walls!  When they deigned our building, they were meant to be the kids' cubbies, however, they are too high for them!  So we all use them for our books instead!  Teachers challenge me to see how quickly I can find a book within the hundreds that I own.  Because I label the shelves with electrical tape, I can usually find what they are looking for in under 30 seconds!

This was the best purchase I made last year!  I always put notes from meeting on my desk, or field trip forms,IEPs, Data forms, etc.  They ALWAYS end up lost and I find them a month after I need them.  With these pockets, from (I think) or School Specialty, I just put everything in their respective pocket and when I need it, it is right there for me!

This is my very important wall!  I got the numbers from on TpT and the Shape posters from on TpT.  I got the cute letters for my Word Wall last year and I can't remember who they are from :(  If you recognize them let me know so I can give credit to you!!  And my Common Core Standards will be proudly displayed from TpT as well!  I love how this wall came out!! (Sorry, still trying to figure out how to make the web addresses a link for you to go to directly!  You will have to copy and paste these)
Many teachers in my school have asked how I keep the kids supplies organized and how they are not gone by Christmas!  Well, even though it is a bit time consuming, before school starts, I put a colored piece of electrical tape on EACH marker and colored pencil at each table.  So at blue table, all of their supplies have blue tape on them. At read table, there is red tape on each supply, and so on.  If a marker runs out, I just replace it with a new one with new tape on it.  Also, if something falls on the floor, we know exactly which table it belongs on :)

WOO HOO!!!  My kids have a place to sit now!!!  The tables are finally all clean and ready for my new friends!  All we are missing are the Chair Pockets from to keep their Fundations supplies in.

I hope they get time to use this area!  The dolls and clothes are all cleaned and the table is fixed!  Thanks, Dad!

So, next week, I just have a few more little things to put away and then it is on to filing!  Oh, and I guess I should start figuring out how I am going to start my year!!  Back to Pinterest it is!

Thank you to the people that started following me on bloglovin!!!!  I am so excited to share my experience this year!!  And I will try to share ideas and projects that we do throughout the year!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Am I done yet???

I feel like I can't see an end in sight.  I get rid of boxes and boxes and bags and bags of trash, but I still can't see any surface in my room :(  EXCEPT, I did finally get to the bottom on my counter behind my desk!!  I filled this mailbox with all my colored cardstock, so I can easily find it when I am making all the fun stuff I find on TpT, TN and Pinterest!!  I LOVE LOVE my new binder covers from Kathleen G on TpT!!  I want to put all the new stuff I find throughout the year in these binders, then be ready to go next year!

These are the other surfaces that I cannot see yet.  After taking these pictures, I did clear out some of those boxes you can see, but it still seems like there is stuff EVERYWHERE!!!

 Student tables
I promise, they will be able to sit there soon!

 Sink/ Art area
I did get through 3 1/2 out of 5 of the sections of shelves above the counter on the far right.  Phew!  They now have everything in boxes that match and all the same stuff is together and organized.  Hmmm, now to find some cute labels to put on them ;)

Student closets
Haven't even thought about tackling this area yet!

So after a nice family reunion this weekend, I will be back to work next week!  Time is quickly ticking away and it's making me very nervous that I will run out of time :(  I hate just throwing everything back in boxes to hide it.  I never end up going through it!
Well, I am going to relax and have fun and not think about this disaster until Monday :)  Have a nice weekend!