Monday, August 19, 2013

A few more photos of my room!

I am almost ready!!!  I have meetings for 3 days next week, so I only have 2 more days to work in my room this week before they close off my hallway to wax the floor.  I have hung up a few more things in my room  that I want to show everyone! 

 This is the schedule I got last year and my new rules from, oh no, I can't find who they were from!!!! :(  If you recognize these, PLEASE let me know so I can give you credit!!

 I found this idea on Pinterest last year.  People were using frames from the Dollar Store to write their Objectives on.  Instead of objectives, I put these by my door and write notes on them!  (When my next Data Meeting is, who wears glasses-so they remember to take them home!!, etc)

This is my bulletin board for the beginning of the year!  I found these from Karen Wasdin.  I am going to put a coloring paper they do on the first day next to each crayon :)

I FINALLY figured out a place to put up A Year of Writing!!!  I am sooooo excited about this wall!  Now, I just have to figure out how to attach all the writing without using tacks.  I will destroy the wall if I put tacks on each one and have to pull them out every month.  Any ideas, Anyone???  Maybe small bull clips? 

I am going to try to enjoy my last weekend before school starts!  I hope everyone else's year is starting off great!!

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