Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day Fun!!

Very fun first day of school!  I actually had NO crying!!  Well, at least the kids weren't crying, I'm not sure about the parents sitting at home without their favorite Kindergartener :)  We started our day heading to Specials.  I brought them to the Library, right on time.  They sat on the rug so quietly and were very excited to be in "the BIG Library"!!  About 20 minutes into special, I find out it is not Tuesday today and I sent them to the wrong special!!!  Luckily where they were supposed to be was right next door!  Bonus- my kids got 2 specials today :)  Then I proceeded to pick them up 10 minutes earlier than I was supposed to!  GEEZ what a great start to my first day back in Kindergarten!  Luckily the rest of the day went much smoother!  Here are a few photos to show what we did today!

The kids loved the Pete the Cat tour of the school.  It is a FREEBIE from Michelle at It was so much more fun to find the letters from Pete than to just walk around to each room in the building.  They were very engaged!!  Thank you, Michelle!!

We, of course, had to have snack after our Morning Meeting.  I think you could hear a pin drop in the room :)

We did the Handprint Poem that I got from Jeannie Partin at  They came out AWESOME!!!  I hope the parents liked them!!

 After lunch we explored with some math materials.  They built very tall towers with the Unifix cubes and made some nice patterns with them too.  I didn't take a picture of them using the Pattern Blocks, but the designs were beautiful!  I am still getting used to taking pictures while they are working!

We had some rest time in the afternoon, which went smoother than I expected.    They FINALLY got to have some free choice at the end of the day!  They thought everything would be open for business...ummm, no!  A couple of things at a time, kiddos :)

I am looking forward to another fun day tomorrow!  Hopefully I can start off at the right special in the morning!!  

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