Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy Little Bees!!

Sorry I didn't blog last Friday. :(  I was in training for two days learning all about Teaching Strategies GOLD.  WOW is it going to be A LOT of work!!  But the class was still busy little bees, even though I wasn't there!  Here are some photos of what we were up to the past week (and the past two days as well!)

We started Writer's Workshop!  I was so excited to see how they would write their first story.  We discussed the Rules during Writer's Workshop.  It is the one work time that I allow no talking.  I put on Classical music and they can just be one with their thoughts.  I feel like I get much better stories doing this because they are totally concentrating on what they are working on.  They did a great job, beautiful illustration and the beginning of great writing to come!
 This is where I will put one piece of writing each month to show their progression throughout the year.  I can't wait for them to see how they were writing now, but in June! (HOPEFULLY, it will be a BIG difference!!)
 Here are a few close up samples.  We have some just hearing the first sound.....
 And others hearing, well, lots of sounds :)
 So cute!!
 I put this picture up to show you the poster I am referring to on a daily basis to discuss Good Choices and Poor Choices.  :)
 We talked a lot about apples last week!  We made this 2 Column Notes Poster to show what happens to an apple tree through the seasons.  The children also got to make applesauce with Mrs. Mac and Mrs. Dunn on Friday!  We tasted 3 different kinds of apples on Monday and graphed what kind was our favorite.  It was the first time some of the children had something other than a red apple!

 Today we started the second part of Daily 5!!  They were soooo excited to Start Word Work!  They have many different choices, Stamping Uppercase to the matching Lowercase letter, putting unifix cubes together in ABC order, Playdough mats with color words or letters and Rainbow Writing.  I had half of the class Read to Self for 8 minutes while the other half did Word Work (well, Letter Work for now).  Then they switched.  I was so impressed that the kids doing Read to Self still kept up their stamina and were not distracted by the children working right next to them.  I sometimes wonder if I really went back to Kindergarten, or stayed in First grade!!  When I told them they did a total of 16 minutes, they went nuts!!!

 These are the Playdoh mats from Kindergarten Lifestyle.  This is a link to her bundle of mats. I just got the Letter mats this summer.  My Aide got the Pete the Cat color word mats.  I am not sure where she found them, so if they are yours, please let me know so I can give you credit!
 This is A Year of Write the Room from Polka Dot Kinders.  I am so glad I found this!!  They loved it and it is nice to see them looking for the resources they can use around the room.  This page has them looking for Color Words and Free Write, so they can write any words they find in that column.

 Onto Fundations!  This week we are learning the letters i and u.   We did Sky Writing today and colored the Key pictures in our Student Notebook.  They also got 2 new magnets to add to their Magnet Board.  The packet with the letter formation of these two letters will be going home this week.

And one last picture, because it is just too cute not to share, is my two children in what will be their Halloween costumes this year.  A few adjustments need to be made so they fit, but I LOVE THEM!!!!!  I was so psyched to find red glitter shoes and a Toto in a basket at Target!!

Reminder-This Friday, October 4th, will be a Half Day Professional Development day.  Children will be dismissed at 11:40.  The walkers are usually let out at 11:35.  We will still have snack on half days, but no lunch will be served.

October Book Orders will be sent home soon.  Please try to write a check/money order made out to Scholastic Books Clubs, or you can order online and use a credit card instead!  Every online order gets free books for our classroom!

Have a great rest of the week!  It's supposed to get warm again :)
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