Friday, February 21, 2014

Vacation is coming to an end :(

Well, it's Friday of vacation week and I am sad it's over :(  We had a nice relaxing week at home.  We went to Build A Bear for the first time...geez!!!  I did some scrapbooking with a fellow teacher at my school and did some major cleaning I have been meaning to get to :)  I feel very accomplished this vacation!  Here are some pictures of what we have been up to the past couple of weeks. (before vacation!)

 We have had MANY indoor recess days due to the freezing cold weather :(  But the kids are making the most of it!!

 We talked about Dental Health month for a week and made this very cute dental health craft from Robin Sellers.  I added a string so they could hang it up as a reminder of how to properly take care of their teeth. :)

 We decorated these red pockets to stuff our valentines in!!  I hope I can find more of these, they were perfect size and so easy!!!  I think a parent donated them, so, thank you!!!

 In Investigations, we are still working on measuring.  This activity was measuring with sticks.  They learned how to measuring using whole sticks and how to write if only 1/2 of the stick was on the tape.  They did a great job!!

We finally had our 100th Day of school!!!  We had it delayed by a snow day, but it was so much fun!!!

 I made a cake to celebrate and this is my Day 100 cape!  This was my most favorite idea for the kids to bring in 100 things.  EVERY single student made a cape with their family!!!!  Thank you so much to the parents for participating in this activity!!!  The kids were so proud of their accomplishment!

 These are some of the activities we had going on during the 100th Day!  We colored a Day 100 picture. We made booklets with 100 stamps, we strung 100 pieces of cereal to pipe cleaner necklaces and we made 100 day masks to go with our Zero the Hero capes!!!

 These are the AWESOME capes the kids made with their families!!!  We zoomed through the other two kindergarten classrooms and the preschool class as well.  Then we ventured down the hall to show our principal that if he every needed a hero, just come down to our class and he would find 20!!  The kids had a blast and I can't wait to do it again next year!!

Next week, we finish off February with the Presidents!  I have some very fun activities planned!!

Now this stuff, I am getting a little tired of!  This was taken on a day that the weather report said "light rain".  This looks more like HEAVY snow to me!! (With a little enhancement from Google +!!)  And it dumped another 2 inches on us!!  Well, the rain is coming and my basement is not happy!!

Enjoy the rest of your vacation, or enjoy the start of your vacation if it is next week!!
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