Wednesday, August 27, 2014

We're Back!!!

I am so excited to be back for another year in Kindergarten!!  I have been working all summer to make a few changes to my classroom and get ready for another fun year!!  Mrs. Dunn will be with me again this year, so it will be nice to jump right into our routine!  I am so excited to meet all my new little friends next week!  Here are a few pictures of what I have been up to this summer :)
The rest time drawers are ready and labeled for my new friends.  This is where their blanket and stuffy will be stored each day!

Free Choice manipulatives are bleached and ready!  We got rid of some old toys and added some new ones!

This was one of my summer projects.  I was so excited to make these new seats for my listening center!  Way better than sitting on the bottom of a milk crate!  I think the kids will be fighting to sit on these :)

Here is the Library area!  I found an extra laundry basket at home for the kids to sit in during Read to Self time.  I added a cute ribbon to dress it up a bit :)  My milk crate bench is also a favorite area to sit!  Now where did I put that pillowcase??

My reading table needs a few more circles stuck to the table!  I use these during reading groups instead of white boards!  They love to "write ON the table"!!

This is my new CAFE board!  This will be used during Daily 5 and will help me develop mini lessons for reading.  The children can use the information on this board to help them become better readers!!  I am very excited to introduce this!

This area isn't new, but has a new look!  I took the legs out of the table, added a few throw pillows and made it easier to access during Work on Writing!!  I think the kids will also love this area as an alternative way to sit while working!

Each table is set with a supply bucket in the middle.  We have crayon boxes for each student, scissors, pencils and glue sticks!  Since we sit at tables, each student has a pocket on the back of their chair that will hold their math and poetry notebooks (another new idea for this year) and all of their Fundations materials.
I hope you will enjoy watching what we do throughout the year!  Please join this site on the left of the screen or follow me on bloglovin! (On the top left of the screen)
Have a great school year!!!
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