Thursday, September 18, 2014

September is Off and Running!

We are well into September and we are finally getting into our routine and learning how to follow school rules.  We are working on our fine motor skills, like coloring and cutting.  We also are working on sharing and being Bucket Fillers :)
Here are some of the things we have been working on so far!

We completed this cute First Day of School booklet made by Sara Connell.  It was nice to have the children go home with something to tell their parents about!

 Free Choice time was loved by all.  We worked on sharing our supplies in our classroom and being cooperative!

 Look what finally arrived!!!  I got the iPad from Donors Choose!!!  I am just waiting to get it hooked up to our network and then I can put the kids on it during Daily 5!!  I plan on having them log into and also read books on it during this time.

 We read about being a Bucket Filler and not a Bucket Dipper in our classroom.  Bucket Fillers make people feel good and happy.  Bucket Dippers make people feel sad inside.  
 Here are the posters we made and hung outside of our classroom to show everyone how we are Bucket Fillers!!

 During Investigations Math, we are exploring our math materials and finding different ways to use them.

 We added these "Color Me Special" pictures to our bulletin board with our best coloring :)

 We have begun our Daily 5 routine and the kids love it!!  These children are doing "Read to Self" in different areas around the room.  
 They all chose a Book Nook and read quietly the WHOLE time and stay in one spot.  We have built our stamina up to 10 minutes so far!!!  I am so proud of all of them!!

 They have also started doing "Read To Someone".  They either take turns reading the same book or read a different book to each other.  We are working on listening to our partner read and showing understanding about what they read to us.

The "Listen To Reading" area is a favorite!!  We are working out the kinks with a working radio, but I think we've got working for now :)

 The children are working on a Nursery Rhyme booklet that they will be taking home soon!

 We have also started Fundations!  We have learned the letters t, b and f.  We are working on forming the letters properly and knowing the sound of each letter.

I cannot believe the improvement in writing that has already happened this month!  Some of the children came to me not knowing even the first letter of the name and are now writing their WHOLE name independently!!!  Keep practicing!!  We will continue to work on our coloring and reduce the amount of scribble we are handing in :)

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