Monday, January 20, 2014

Some January Fun!

 Welcome back, Everyone!!  I can't express enough how proud I am of my little friends!!  We completed the DIBELS mid year testing and they did SOOOOO well!!!!!  17 out of my 20 students reached Core on Nonsense Word Fluency!!!  That is the test we look at the most.  There were four tests in all, and they did well on all of them, but this one was the best!!!  They are all working so hard and it shows!!  The staff that administers the test couldn't believe the scores!  Parents, you should be very proud of your little ones!

Now that's it's January, we are moving onto new Word Work!  These Popcorn Word Sticks are from, I believe, Rachelle Rosenblit.  I found them last fall, but just started using them.  The children use them to practice trick words.  The Write and Stamp is from a Short A packet from Babbling Abby.  This packet has great activities for short a AND she has packets for all of the vowels!

 We have a few new things in the Work on Writing area.  From now on, the children will not just be coloring the cards that are at the table.  They actually have to WRITE a letter to someone :)  A lot of them are writing to their friends or parents.  The letters are adorable!  They are also working on scrambled sentences from Deedee Wills.  Her Save My Ink packets are wonderful!!!

We worked on a How To story about how to build a snowman.  We read "The Biggest Snowman Ever" by Margery Cuyler.  Then we did this cute snowman craftivity by Caitlin Clabby (my favorite blogger!!!)  They came out absolutely adorable!!  They worked very hard on writing their how to and the finished product is hanging on our bulletin board!

I love how google+ enhances photos!!
Aren't these cute!!  I purposely did not make a sample because I wanted them to all be different!

Next, onto math!  I am loving January's calendar!!!  Again, I got this from Sara Edgar.  It is her Calendar Bundle and it was one of the best things I purchased!!!  I have mentioned to other teachers and told them they NEED to get it!  These kids amaze me on a daily basis when they pull these out after rest time.  They get right to work on writing their numbers (to 60 this month!!), then we complete the front together.  This month she has a domino of the day.  I pull out a domino and they need to make the domino on their board, then they have to find the number it makes.  After that, they need to find the reciprocal number!  They are yelling out the reciprocal number before I even ask!

 We are learning a game called "Compare" in Investigations.  When I was a kid, we called it "War"...can't call it that anymore :)  They did a great job shuffling the cards and making sure each partner had the same amount of cards.  Then they have to compare the numbers they flip, and whoever has the higher number gets both cards!  Their favorite part is when they both flip the same number!  You get double the cards that way!

We also did some more measuring.  We compared items from around the room to a stick of 12 unifix cubes.  They needed to write the name of the object and represent how many cubes long it was.

 We made this really cute emergent reader that I found on a blog.  I have to start writing down where I find free things because then I can give credit where credit is due :(

We read "The Mitten" by Jan Brett and sewed a mitten to put all of the characters in to help retell the story :)

When we came back to school after vacation, we talked about resolutions that we could make to become a better person in school and at home.  I love the things they came up with!!

We learned a lot about Martin Luther King, Jr. this past week.  The children made a Top Down Web with Mrs. Dunn about who he was, what he had and what he wanted.  They made these step by step drawings of Martin Luther King.  They all have their own unique qualities :)  Then they each thought of a dream that they had to make the world a better place.  These came out so good that I had to display them outside of our room for everyone to see!

When we return this week, we will continue some winter fun!  We will be talking about Arctic and Antarctic animals.  Chinese New Year is on January 31st this year.  We will be doing some fun activities to learn about their traditions that they celebrate every year! 
Also, Day 100 is on Monday, February 10th!!  I have a very fun activity planned and you will be seeing something come home for you to complete for Day 100!

Thank you for reading my blog and I always love to get comments!!

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