Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ready to set up!

Well, I am back from a week and a half vacation and ready to get started in my classroom.  As many people have said in passing by, I have a HUGE undertaking ahead of me!  I am trying to get in any extra time I can get besides the two days a week that my kiddos are at school.  Here are some pictures of things I have started getting ready.  I can't wait to post pictures of my whole room!!!

These are my new mailboxes!  I got the clips idea from "Teaching With Love and Laughter" on Pinterest.  LOVE LOVE!!!

This is a cabinet I got from my mom that fits buckets from Lakeshore in it.  I gave it a little facelift with my polka dot theme :)

The stove in my Housekeeping area didn't look like a stove anymore.  Oh what a Sharpie pen will do for a kids stove top!

Love that I am in Kindergarten this year...I can bring my kids and actually get stuff done!!  They love all of the new stuff they get to play with!  Only problem is, I have to put everything back that they take out!

Hope to get a lot more done tomorrow!

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