Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting Down to Business!

Thanks to Deedee Wills on TpT, my Work on Writing area is done!! (minus a cute heading for the area and my colors above it!)  I absolutely LOVE how it came out!!!  I just need to print the different kinds of paper they can write on and I will worry about painting this wall next year :)  Here is what it looks like!!

I am heading back in tomorrow to tackle the countertops.  Hopefully, after that, I can start organizing around my desk area.  I am very overwhelmed with how much I have to go through, but it will get done and I can't wait to post more pictures!!

I want to thank the few people that started following me on Bloglovin!!  Thank you so much for giving me a chance!  I am very new at this and hopefully can share some new ideas this year :)  Or at least show how I am using all of your ideas in my classroom!!
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