Friday, August 2, 2013

Am I done yet???

I feel like I can't see an end in sight.  I get rid of boxes and boxes and bags and bags of trash, but I still can't see any surface in my room :(  EXCEPT, I did finally get to the bottom on my counter behind my desk!!  I filled this mailbox with all my colored cardstock, so I can easily find it when I am making all the fun stuff I find on TpT, TN and Pinterest!!  I LOVE LOVE my new binder covers from Kathleen G on TpT!!  I want to put all the new stuff I find throughout the year in these binders, then be ready to go next year!

These are the other surfaces that I cannot see yet.  After taking these pictures, I did clear out some of those boxes you can see, but it still seems like there is stuff EVERYWHERE!!!

 Student tables
I promise, they will be able to sit there soon!

 Sink/ Art area
I did get through 3 1/2 out of 5 of the sections of shelves above the counter on the far right.  Phew!  They now have everything in boxes that match and all the same stuff is together and organized.  Hmmm, now to find some cute labels to put on them ;)

Student closets
Haven't even thought about tackling this area yet!

So after a nice family reunion this weekend, I will be back to work next week!  Time is quickly ticking away and it's making me very nervous that I will run out of time :(  I hate just throwing everything back in boxes to hide it.  I never end up going through it!
Well, I am going to relax and have fun and not think about this disaster until Monday :)  Have a nice weekend!
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