Sunday, September 8, 2013

What have we been up to, what's coming up?

We had a fabulous first week in kindergarten!  We talked a lot about the rules in our classroom and throughout the school.  We are particularly working on keeping your hands, feet and objects to yourself.  We are trying to help the children understand what personal space is.  I can't wait to read "Personal Space Camp" by Julia Cook.  It is a great book to help the children understand what it means to give others their space.
We also started building our stamina during Read To Self (RTS), part of the Daily 5.  The children listened to a story called "Dex: The Heart of a Hero" by Caralyn Buehner.  This dog wanted to be a superhero in the worst way.  He practiced and practiced and became stronger and stronger.  He eventually became a "Super Dog" because he built his stamina and worked hard.  We are going to build our stamina each day, being able to read for a long period of time without stopping.  We have only done 1 minute so far, but to a 5 year old, that is a LONG time!  On Monday we will begin adding 1 minute a day.  The children love to see where their "Book Nook" will be for RTS!  They will get to RTS in a different spot in the room each day.  This spot is chosen by me for now, but will eventually be their responsibility to choose.
In Investigations, we are exploring with the different materials we will be using throughout the year.  They have been exploring with the Pattern Blocks, Linking Cubes and Geoblocks.  This week, we will add new materials!  We will also be working on numbers 0-2.  We will be practicing writing these numbers and matching quantities to the numbers.
In Fundations, we met Baby Echo!  He will be helping us echo sounds, letters and words that the children need to repeat.  The children also received their white board, marker and eraser that they get to keep in the pocket behind their chair.  They were very excited and can't wait to start using them!

This week, we will begin discussing and learning Nursery Rhymes.  I will be using the Nursery Rhymes Poster Set from Alessia Albanese.  She has great pages to go with each Nursery Rhyme to help find rhyming word and questions for the children to think about after we read the Nursery Rhyme.

If your child hasn't brought in rest time stuff, please send it in this week so they can lay comfortably on their mat to rest their body each day.  Also if you have not sent back all the paperwork given to you at Orientation, please return that as soon as possible.
Our Star of the Week wall is finally set up!!  I have only received one baggie of pictures and information.  Make sure you send that back so your child can have a turn as the Star of the Week!

I am excited to begin week 2!!  We have so much to do :)
Aimee Farrell
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