Saturday, September 21, 2013

Got to love the full moon!!

WOW!  What a week!  We had our Academic Night and I think I had one of the best turnouts in the whole school!  15 out of 20 parents were able to attend!  It is great to see how excited the parents are about their child's education :)  Thank you all for coming!  
We also worked VERY hard this week!  On our way to lunch one day, I overheard a couple of kids talking and one of them said, "Man!  We did a lot of work this morning!"  A teacher's dream :)  I love these children, they are the best!!!  Here are some photos of the things we did this week!  I found myself so involved in what we were doing that I forgot to take pictures some days :)

 In Fundations, we have done the letters t, b,and f.  The children are putting together an alphabet book of all the letters with an object that starts with that letter.  We made T with toothpicks and B with band-aids.  I have to find some feathers at a craft store so we can make F with feathers :)  The children are working very hard at forming the letters correctly too.  I will take some pictures of our letter formation next week!

Making a train :)

Sorting by size and shape

 In Investigations, we are still exploring with different materials.  I made these button sorting mats because we started talking about the different attributes of buttons.  The children LOVED them!!  The sorting going on that day was amazing!  Ask your child what an attribute is!!  We talked about how you can sort things by size, shape, color, texture and thickness!

 We have also been working on Nursery Rhymes!  They love to hear them on the Dr. Jean CD when we finish our project that we will make into a book when we are done.  We have actually attempted to do these as a whole group and the children are listening SOOOO well!!  I thought I would have to do them all in a small group, but that takes a lot of time with 20 little ones. :)  We have a few more to do then they will be sent home to keep!  I love how different the same paper comes out with 20 different minds :)

 Salisbury, MA turns 375 years old!!!  We were all asked to color different pictures for them to display during the celebration!

This is some Rainbow Writing practice.  I wrote the childrens' names with a highlighter.  Then they had to make 5 dots with different colors at the top of their paper.  When they completed their whole name with one color, they crossed off that dot at the top, then moved onto the next color and so on!  They are all displayed in the hallway under our bulletin board.

Like I said, we were busy, busy, busy!!  Next week, I will be at Teaching Strategies GOLD Training in our building.  We have Ms. Mac coming in to substitute!  She was a teacher at SES for many years and came in this week to introduce herself to the children and get to know our routine.  I am very excited she will be joining us!!  The children were very eager to impress her!  The children will be completing lots of different apple activities while I am out!  They will have a lot of fun!

Also, a reminder that Friday, October 4th is a Half Day Professional Day.  I will be at a dentist appointment for my son that day, so I will be out in the morning.  Half Days end at 11:40am.

Have a great weekend!!  Leave a comment below! :)

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